Welcome to Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most dynamic city in South east Asia when talking about entertainment. We’ve listed a fews attraction for a quick preview but there’s hundred of attraction in the resort city. To visit an attraction, just click on the link below image.


A great day ahead

Full day of pure pleasure

Enjoy a full journey on this 72 ft ship, the largest catamaran in Thailand
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Kingdom of golfing

It's a golfer pararise

Pattaya has more than 30 golf courses, Thailand over 250 !
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2 kart tracks

Let race !

Race in security on 2 great tracks
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Largest waterpark in Asia

Have fun with water

Ramayanawater park is the largest water playground in south east Asia
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Alone or in tandem

Adrenaline !

The lifetime experience, feel the 220 Km/h jump
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Learn or visit

The peacefull way

Learn horse riding or just go for a tour
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Learn to dive in 3 days

Padi Diving school

For all levels, nice spots around the corner
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The famous walking street

Walk, seat and watch

Grab a fresh beer, enjoy many shows, all night along
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Learn, watch

Boxing and so on

Learn Thai boxing and others martial arts, or, just watch and enjoy
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Azure waters are calling

All year along

Either you like racing, regattas, cruising or training
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Perfect weather,always

The ideal sky

Thailand is the right place to fly, clear sky, nice weather, learn, practice, rent a plane
and fly away
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Shooting is fun

Hide, move and shoot

Paintball is always a fun and exhilarating experience, right in downtown
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A forest next to the city

Eco fun for all

Slide on zip line, walk on canopy and more
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Crocs & Co

The million years park

Beauty of nature at its best

Visit old stones, preserved nature and a zoo
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Xtreme dirt

Fun is the promise

Ultimate Enduro

See the beauty of Thailand on a dirt bike, let’s go xtreme
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Anywhere, fast

Need to move fast ?

Book a chopper in no time and fly to Bangkok, Koh Chang or anywhere you want to.
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Park your boat next door

Owning or renting ?

Rent or own a boat, no problem, the marina is 10 minutes away.
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Underwater park

The sea from below

Dive into the ocean with dry feet and admire the underwater nature
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Start your engine

2 wheels, 4 wheels

The track is 2.4 km long a lot happen on it
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Pamper yourself

The land of massage

Experience the famous Thai massage and relax
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Feel like Robin hood

Time to concentrate

Bend your bow, concentrate and shoot to the center
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Tiger zoo

Feel the feline power

Over 400 tigers

A venue large jungle with more than 1,000 animals
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Play & learn

7 tennis court by the sea

Either you’re an experienced player or a beginner, this is The place
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365 days/ year

The land of show

Pattaya is home to hundred of show, the link below is only one of them
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Travel now ?

Take off next door

From Utapao or Bangkok airport, it’s next door
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